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Who is Pulsar Security?

Our mission is to leverage our experience & proprietary tools to protect you against malicious attacks.


  • Company built on Vision and Trust: Veteran, privately owned business, with no higher board of directors. We are a company built on trust and relationships as 100% of employees have been hand picked through a network of family and business relationships. 
  • Military Backgrounds: Our leadership has extensive military experience. We plan for all scenarios and through the art of strategic thinking, think beyond the problem at hand.
  • Elite Cybersecurity Certifications: The team's certifications reveal that 100% of Pulsar's engineers have the industry's most esteemed cybersecurity credentials and advanced 'on the ground' experience. These credentials denote a mastery of a global standard for effective and reliable cybersecurity.
  • Well Rounded: The team understands development, networking and data in addition to security so that they are undaunted by the boundaries that often define the limits of many in the security field. 
  • Education FocusedPulsar Security values life-long learning and prides itself on educating the public on the importance of cybersecurity. Through Pulsar Academy, we provide webinars, workshops, and discussion groups to customers and the general public.