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Industries We Serve

Comprehensive cybersecurity services for industries of all types and sizes.


Common attack vectors put corporate and client information - along with your organization's reputation - at risk. Hospitality groups with high-net-worth clientele become a highly sought target for hackers. 


The education industry has become a top hacker target: birth certificates, Social Security numbers, medical records, financial data, and even intellectual property give cybercriminals ample motivation to access educational databases. Aside from the typical security challenges facing the industry, students themselves present another level of risk.

SMBs to Enterprise

2020 was a record-breaking year for cyber security attacks on businesses - from small to medium sized businesses to large enterprises. 80% of businesses have seen an increase in cyber attacks in 2020. Organizations must develop a comprehensive security strategy to effectively combat a growing threat landscape heightened by COVID-19 and the age of remote work.

Financial Services

Almost two-thirds (65%) of financial services companies have suffered a cyber attack in the past year, while 45% have experienced a rise in attack attempts since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. These institutions must safeguard valuable client data and maintain industry and governmental compliance.


As cyber attacks continue to rise, with new malware and malicious actors finding different ways to carry out threats, it is clear that government organizations need to remain at the forefront of IT security in order to protect our national security. The recent December 2020 cyber attack demonstrates real and serious threats to government.


Cyber attack threats are increasing against hospitals and health systems as hackers take advantage of healthcare organizations' outdated IT systems, fewer cybersecurity protocols and data-rich patient files. 73% of health system, hospital and physician organizations said their infrastructures are unprepared to respond to cyber attacks, which are predicted to triple in 2021.


Data breaches are becoming more prevalent and the legal sector is a favoured target and is falling victim to cyber attacks at an alarming rate.1 in 4 law firms with more than 100 attorneys has experienced a security breach. As a gold mine of privileged client information and industry trade secrets, law firms must ensure client data—as well as their own—remains secure.


Energy and utility companies are especially vulnerable to cyber attacks. With moving toward smart grid technology cyber vulnerabilities increase and will continue to grow in frequency and sophistication. The potential for malicious actors to access and adversely affect physical electricity assets of U.S. electricity generation, transmission, or distribution systems via cyber means is a primary concern for utilities contributing to the bulk electric system.


Cybersecurity has quickly become a top priority for pharmaceutical companies as they collect large amounts of data including PHI, drug patents, and data related to pharmaceutical technologies. Attacks and resulting breaches in an organization’s network will have serious consequences. More than ever before, confidential and classified data is being collected and managed online, leading these organizations to become more prominent targets for cyber attacks.

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