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Phishing Simulation

A Phishing Simulation measures how likely phishing attacks are to be successful and what attackers can achieve when they are.


In the initial phase of a Phishing Simulation, users are sent phishing emails designed to elicit and measure responses in three key areas: opens, clicks, and exploitation. Results in each of these phases are recorded to produce associated attempts and success rates. We then estimate the organization’s current risk associated with phishing attacks and identify gaps in end-user training across departments, organizational hierarchy, or specific attack techniques.

The second phase is a type of penetration test during which various attacks; such as the use of captured credentials and exploitation of client applications, are deployed against machines representative of those identified to be at-risk during the initial phase.

Questions Answered:

  • The first phase answers the question “how likely are our users to fall victim to phishing attacks and to what degree?”
  • The second phase answers “when our users fall victim to phishing attacks, what will an attacker be able to do?”

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