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The Best and Brightest in the Industry

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A look into the team's industry experience and certifications reveal that Pulsar's engineers have the industry's most esteemed and advanced 'on the ground' experience and cybersecurity credentials. Besides that, having the credentials denotes a mastery of a global standard for effective and reliable cybersecurity.

We work with all types of companies to determine what is actually on your network, secure it, and game plan how attackers will try to break your defenses. We do more than just run automated scans - we help our customers implement effective and sustainable processes for mitigating and managing risk.


Why Our Credentials and Experience are a Priority

The benefits of our engineers' certifications are multifaceted, particularly in the cybersecurity space, where capabilities require more than just work experience to ensure an expert can address the latest technologies and security challenges. First, our team has an in-depth understanding of modern cybersecurity concerns and strategies and proven years of professional, hands-on implementation experience. Simply put, the certifications provide a benchmark for the teams' skills and capabilities.

Our clients and partners can independently validate our knowledge and experience with the certification bodies, giving complete confidence that Pulsar engineers are skilled and can perform tasks ethically.

Our credentials also attest to our professionals' character. Our team is comprised of certified engineers who meet a high capability standard and commitment to upholding the code of ethics. The paths to virtually all the certifications require the credential holder to attest to their integrity and probity.

Whether you are just building your security program, need to assess the performance of your current efforts, or want us to simulate a live attack, we are here to help at every step.