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Penetration testing & vulnerability assessment to better identify & manage risks to your business.

Gain control over & insight into storage waste & threats in unstructured file data with our powerful enterprise reporting solution.

Adversary emulation by an expert red team to test your controls, detection, & response against the techniques of real-world attackers.

Offensive Security Services

Vulnerability Assessment

Broad identification of unpatched flaws, misconfigurations, and other weaknesses which create opportunities for attackers and expose your organization to risk.

Penetration Testing

More than just detection alone, discovered vulnerabilities are actively exploited to eliminate false positives, determine the extent of breach, and prove risk to the business and its assets.

Red Teaming

When you've progressed beyond basic security controls and need real-world adversary emulation to model the tactics, techniques, and procedures of sophisticated threats.

Certified, Accomplished Security Experts & Trainers

Our team of senior security consultants continually pursues mastery and expertise of complex subject matter to address challenging problems. This approach has afforded regular speaking and teaching engagements with leading organizations and industry conferences such as DEFCON, Microsoft, SANS, and BSides among others.

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