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Know Thy Network

Meet your enterprise security team

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Real-world attack emulation and vulnerability discovery to better identify and manage risks to your business.


Gain control over and insight into your assets with our powerful enterprise reporting solutions.


Practical guidance and security controls to fortify your enterprise security posture.

Core Services

Icons/Penetration Test

Penetration Test

In this test, discovered vulnerabilities are actively exploited to determine an organization's exposure to risk.

Icons/Web App Assessment

Web Application Assessment

Includes a review of public-facing and internal applications for coding errors, insecure configurations, and architectural issues.

Icons/Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

This is a network-wide review to determine what vulnerabilities may exist due to configurations, users, or at-risk applications and systems.

Wireless Assessment

Includes a review of your wireless networks and hardware to ensure secure configuration and to discover potential rogue networks or devices across multiple protocols, including WiFi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth.

Icons/Mobile App Assessment

Mobile Application Assessment

This is a review of your internal and third-party mobile applications for information leakage and insecure or malicious practices.

Icons/Code Brackets - Yellow

Code Review

An assessment of programming projects to discover mistakes, insecure coding practices, vulnerable libraries, and other conditions which result in an exploitable application.

Icons/User Training

User Education

Education is provided for end users related to social engineering, phishing, and high-value practices for protecting both corporate and individual data.


Phishing Campaigns

A simulated phishing campaign to determine what percentage of users may fall victim to a targeted attack.

Icons/Red Teaming

Red Teaming

An organized exercise in which we put your defenses to the test by simulating a live attack.


Security Solutions for the Enterprise

You can’t secure what you don’t understand. It is critical to continually assess your environment to gain the actionable insights necessary to take control of your network. Our purpose-built enterprise solutions will help you get there.

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What is your network not telling you? What insights are hidden within your data? Take control with Aegis.

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About Us

Who We Are

We are an elite team of security pros and software engineers working to secure the world. We build software to help manage and protect large enterprises as well as offer various services from vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to phishing simulations and more custom red team engagements. We work with all types of companies to help figure out what is actually on your network, secure it, and game plan how bad guys will try to break your defenses. We do more than just run automated scanners and want to help our customers implement effective and sustainable processes for mitigating and managing risk. Whether you are just building your security program, need to assess the performance of your current efforts, or want us to simulate a live attack, we are here to help at every step. 

71 %
Percent of US enterprises which have reported suffering at least one data breach
191 days
The average length of time it takes for an organization to identify a data breach
3.8 M
The average cost (in dollars) of a single data breach to a typical company

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A security breach is no way to learn about your network. Let’s talk about how we can help mount your defenses.

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