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Peyton Somerville

Security Engineer, leads Pulsar Explore Internship Program

Peyton is a Security Engineer at Pulsar Security. He is the technical contact for our customers - managing all Cyber Shield Vulnerability and Dark Web Assessments, and is on the Red Team. He has software development experience with Python, JavaScript, C, C++. He has earned his Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), Network+ and Security+ certifications.

Peyton first started with Pulsar as a intern while attending the University of Massachusetts - Lowell as a Computer Science major. He now leads the Pulsar Explore Internship Program ensuring all interns engage in hands-on learning, interactive mentorship, and learn about cyber career opportunities.

Fun Fact: Peyton loves to snowboard, and even knows how to juggle.


  • OSCP-Offensive-Security-Certified-Professional-Badge-2
  • CompTIA-Network+,
  • CompTIA-Security+