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Job Role

Professionals choose SONAR to uncover & help fix Wi-Fi security weaknesses.

FOR THE CEO - Business Justification

Why Choose Sonar?

  • Subscriptions do not require travel, configuration, access to the network, or business disruption like traditional Wi-Fi vulnerability assessments.
  • Pricing is on par with a one-or-two-week Wi-Fi vulnerability assessment, but is ongoing throughout the duration of the subscription.
  • Focuses not just on device vulnerabilities or authentication misconfigurations, but on real-time device and AP traffic analysis, which can not be accomplished through a traditional Wi-Fi assessment.
  • Device was built by a security first team with a deep history working for successful software companies, enabling us to build a secure and reliable product that addresses a core blind spot in Wi-Fi security.
  • Over 100 certifications have been achieved by our team of subject matter experts, enabling us to provide additional security consulting and services outside of Wi-Fi. Look at us as a partner, not a vendor.





FOR THE IT PROFESSIONAL - How does Sonar work?

Small in size - Powerful in stature

  • Small non-intrusive device deployed onsite that communicates over the cellular network and doesn’t require any set up or configuration on your local network.
  • Device is shipped pre-configured requiring only power and device placement for installation.
  • New releases are automatically sent to the device, and will update the Sonar device to the latest firmware version, requiring no intervention from the customer.
  • Wi-Fi network data gathered is presented through an initial baseline report with recurring monthly reports throughout the longevity of the subscription.
  • All report data comes with access to our ethical hacking technical account management team who will identify and consult on how to remediate potential malicious activity and vulnerabilities.

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