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Job Role

Organizations choose SONAR to identify, detect and help fix Wi-Fi security weaknesses.


Business Justification: Why Choose Sonar?

  • Subscriptions do not require travel, configuration, access to the network, or business disruption like traditional Wi-Fi vulnerability assessments.
  • Pricing is on par with a one week Wi-Fi vulnerability assessment, but Sonar is 24/7/365.
  • Customer portal presents an aggregated view of your company's wireless network with alerts of detected vulnerabilities.
  • The Sonar device was built by our team with over 100 security certifications, enabling us to provide additional security services outside of Wi-Fi. We are a partner, not a vendor.


Customer Portal


Sample Portal Alerts


Portal Technical Content


How does Sonar work? Small in size - Powerful in stature

  • Small non-intrusive device that comes pre-configured and communicates over the cellular network.  
  • Device requires only power and needs no set up or configuration on your local network.
  • New releases are automatically sent to the Sonar device, and will update to the latest firmware version, requiring no customer intervention.
  • Wi-Fi network data gathered is presented through a portal with initial baseline report and recurring monthly reports.
  • All report data comes with access to our technical team who will consult on how to remediate potential malicious activity and vulnerabilities.

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