Pulsar Security Wireless Network Protection Services

Organizations choose SONAR to properly monitor Wireless Network Threats



Secure Your Wireless Networks, Access Points & Endpoints

With Wi-Fi becoming the standard for network connectivity, it is imperative companies know in

real-time what devices and access points are transmitting over the wireless network



Features & Benefits

  • Sonar provides a 24/7/365 wireless network assessment that monitors, identifies and tracks malicious threats in real time to enable companies to identify an external breach or insider threat
  • Ability to do both online and offline monitoring with data being stored within Sonar Cloud for reporting and notifications
  • Simultaneously handles Open, Pre-shared Key (PSK), and Extensible Authentication (EAP) types/networks, where most solutions only focus on Open networks
  • Out-of-the-box configuration results in saving resources and costs on the upfront configuration burden of traditional wireless assessments
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