Automated Wi-Fi Vulnerability Assessment Services

Organizations choose SONAR to protect Wi-Fi networks from potential attackers

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Secure Your Wireless Networks, Access Points & Endpoints

With Wi-Fi becoming the standard for network connectivity, it is imperative companies know in

real-time what devices and access points are transmitting over their wireless network


SONAR Features

  • Sonar provides an ongoing, automated Wi-Fi vulnerability network assessment
  • Provide ability to conduct Wi-Fi pentration tests to identify Wi-Fi network vulnerabilities for proactive resolution
  • Detects client devices configured to automatically connect to insecure, open networks, presenting an easy target for attacks
  • Out-of-the-box configuration resulting in resource savings and reduction of upfront configuration burden compared to traditional wireless assessments
  • Monthly report outlining wireless client device's location, stability, potential issues, and suggested remediations and recommendations for optimal wireless network security
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