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What types of risks are member clubs facing today?

Traditionally clubs have depended solely on insurance for cybersecurity protection because attack prevention was out of reach. With our services, prevention is your first defense and insurance is your backup.

  • Common attack vectors such as phishing, malware, ransomware, data theft, and keylogging put corporate and client information and assets - along with club reputation - at risk. 
  • Clubs, because of their high-net-worth clientele, are potentially highly sought targets for hackers.
  • As cyber threats become more ubiquitous, any organization that doesn’t start taking proactive steps is going to make unwanted headlines in the national and local media.

Our focus

Minimizing cyber risks for clubs by:

      • Protecting client and employee identity and financial information.
      • Preserving club reputation via prevention of financially devastating and publicly embarrassing breaches.
  • Making it more difficult for your clients to be phished using your club’s name.
  • Monitoring wireless network activity to prevent bad actors from intruding on clients’ business activities.
  • Vetting vendors to prevent supply chain attacks.