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Minimize your risk with Pulsar Cyber Shield

Cybersecurity services designed to bring maximum security benefits at minimal cost without sacrificing quality.


Annual External Vulnerability Assesment

Review of externally accessible points to identify any weaknesses.


Annual Dark Web

Discover what data about your users and company is available on the dark web.


Wireless Monitoring
& Threat Alerts

24/7/365 wireless monitoring with ongoing alerts and quarterly reports. 



Flexible, on demand consulting during the subscription year.


Threat Review Sessions & Best Practices Library

Stay informed with current security issues through quarterly sessions and immediate alerts.


Access to Pulsar
Cyber Shield Portal

Dashboard for access to your alerts, reports, and scheduling  consulting.

Cyber Shield Web Grid


Cyber Shield Online Portal

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Quarterly Threat Review Sessions

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Additional security services available:

  • Penetration Test
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment
  • Phishing Simulation
  • Red Teaming
  • Custom consulting


Is Pulsar Cyber Shield a good fit for your business?

As a highly trained and qualified team, our job is to leverage our experience and proprietary tools to help you defend against malicious attacks.

Join the growing list of businesses using Pulsar Cyber Shield. Talk with one of our technical engineers today.

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