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Wireless Network Assessment

Wireless Network Assessments uncover vulnerabilities in wireless environments. 


Pulsar Security Introduces SONAR Wi-Fi Security as a Service

In addition to traditional one-time static wireless assessments, we now offer real-time dynamic wireless assessments.

Most organizations are too busy to cobble together the equipment, software and expertise needed to properly monitor wireless threats, but Pulsar's Sonar Units monitor and protect the wireless networks you care about.

  • Gathers client device and access point data on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz network within Wi-Fi broadcast range of the Sonar device.
  • Identifies potential Wi-Fi anomalies and attacks including rouge and fake access points, device spoofing and denial of service attacks.
  • Identifies the authentication protocols used by the Wi-Fi network to authenticate client devices, and the PSK and PMKID password hashes used to authenticate, which are cracked offline to confirm password hygiene.
  • Reverse engineers firmware versions used by devices on the Wi-Fi network to identify security vulnerabilities.
  • Capable of creating a fake access point, based on device Preferred Network Lists (PNL) or mirroring the legitimate network SSID, to identify users on the network more susceptible to fall victim to man-in-the-middle attacks.

Wireless Network Assessments consist of surveys to discover wireless access point weaknesses, clients on your wireless networks, and signals that can be intercepted by someone listening to the spectrum of communications in the area.

Beyond this assessment,  a penetration test can be conducted to validate if weak spots can be exploited to compromise your network.